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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

#4 Lazy Days away!

So after the busy week i had last week getting everything ready for the function, I decided to have a well earned weekend away. So my partner and I vanished off to the romantic hotspot of the world, Birmingham :) Mainly to let her shop and me to go to the football, as due to catering it is very hard to get to as many games as id like to.

I always like to do these little weekend trips just to see other parts of the country really. Last year we visited Bath and Dartmouth for the weekend. Call me sad but i normally remember most about these trips. Two things.
The architecture and the food.

Whilst in Dartmouth and Bath there is such a choice of eateries and restaurants. If your ever in Dartmouth i would definitely recommend Kendricks.
 A really nice restaurant at affordable prices there are other places around the town but in my opinion this place was second to none. Follow dinner at Kendricks with a lovely relaxed drink at Browns and your guaranteed to have a lovely evening.

Whilst in Bath there is a great little cream tea shop in the town called Sally Lunns a couples of streets from the historic baths.
Set up like something from the 1930s this tea room had cakes to die for. I would Definitely recommend the cinnamon one. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. One night we visited the Modern Day Thermae Bath Spa in a package which included dinner. In stark contrast to the cake at lunch, this salmon we had was the healthiest meal I think I had ever eaten out, And there is something about eating it in a health spa robe which makes it feel all that much healthier too. ;)

Anyway, Where was I, Oh yes, Birmingham. We went on a sunday night so finding food after the football on a Sunday night was a nightmare, call me a snob, but when i am away somewhere there is something to be said about refusing to eat at chain restaurants a la famous Italian style ones and spicy poultry ones.  So the only other choice was to eat at the Hotel, Now this hotel seemed a little run down so we were very wary of eating here. But needs must and we were famished. I had a burger, which they claimed to be home made, (Looking at the hotel I was bit sceptical of that TBH) but was happy when they asked how i wanted it cooked, and my partner, she had fish and chips with home made tartare sauce. Both dishes were served in ten minutes which was good as we were the only two in there and as the burger was claimed to be made in house then I would of been wary if it came out any quicker. When the meals came out they were both delightful and obviously were made fresh which is always nice to see.

This brings me finally to my point. These days it seems restaurants are more worried about getting customers in and to reach there GP by doing everything to the specification, However it so much nicer when you go somewhere, Be it a posh Spa or a back street hotel and you can see that the chef who cooked put so much time and effort into the meal. It makes it a lot more memorable for the guest rather than just, dinner! Yes i know its all about making money at the end of the day, But there is surely more chance of repeat business if the experience of the customer is a memorable one?

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