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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Here we go!!!

So the first blog for me here so please go easy on me.

So a bit about me,
I have had 8 years in the catering industry. working at various restaurants in the Hertfordshire area. Last year I moved to London and worked at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel

6 months ago I decided to set up a catering company for the local area. 
Helping out a local charity event was an ideal opportunity to get it started. Making a nice Beef Chilli and Vegetarian Curry.

The night was a great success however i really did cook a little too much rice. We had rice everything after, Rice Pudding, Rice with every meal available for the next few days

After the enjoyment of that night i decided to launch the website and a twitter page @stratfordcaters and a facebook page. 

Since then i have had various enquiries and last week had a large end of season football party to cater for. Once again only a basic function doing a beef chilli and chicken tikka. But learning from the previous event had the perfect amount of rice. ;)

So whats coming up?

I had contact yesterday from a shop in hertford about to relaunch and want me to supply the canapes. This is fantastic. So now banging my head lto come up with a scrumptious menu for them.
And with my part time job about to become even more part time i have the time to make some perfect culinary delights

This entry has been a bit boring i know but like i said at the beginning this is the back history of me and my little life. Hopefully that little life will become a lot bigger in the years to come, ambition is something we should all have and if anyone knocks you down find it in yourself to find that self belief to make something out of yourself and not prove them wrong but prove your capable. do it for yourselves.

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