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Thursday, 16 June 2011

#7 Hello Mr Blue Sky???????? Oh maybe not, Here comes Wimbledon!!!

So summer is well and truly here then I see. We had our preview of what possibilities we could have from a glorious summer back in April. But once again it appears that we were led along a path of complete deception by the weather gods. And to be honest it doesn't look like its going to improve any time soon With Glastonbury this weekend and Wimbledon the following fortnight it seems we are well truly in for another British summer.

But I must admit I love this time of year even though the weather is usually awful, Its the perfect time of year for the countries greatest fresh produce. I am talking about the sweet juicy and red fruit that we all know as the strawberry. Around our way there are many strawberry picking farms. And it is such a good morning out. Watching generations of families all together picking their fresh fruit, taking a sneaky strawberry for testing purposes. I love it. Its so much more enjoyable than just going to your local supermarket and gettin some punnet off of their shelves, certainly not as fresh as picking them straight of the plants is it. And I for one can taste the difference. It is a great way to introduce yourself to shopping locally. These days it has become a buzz topic hasn't it. And this is the perfect excuse to try local farmers products. Because when it comes to taking punnets of Strawberries home along with some cold pimms, does it get any better? 

Even if the sun never appears. Summer is well and truly here. My tip for the perfect strawberries and cream though is a sneaky shot of white rum in there. Or add a crunch and add a little broken meringue to make it an Eton mess style strawberries and cream. 

Hopefully With a bit of warm weather to go with it, would be nice though.

But as I mentioned earlier, what with Wimbledon on the horizon I think I can just dream about that sun for the foreseeable future. 

Oh well whilst we wait for that sun, lets all go and support our local farmers. Because they for one are certainly loving the wet weather aren't they ;) So lets get out there and pick their strawberries and see if you can taste the difference, I'm sure you can!!!

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